Bring clarity to collaboration

Link discussions across people, apps, and teams to make smarter decisions, create more focus time, and have fewer meetings.

Prevent Silos

The shared, searchable feed of discussions and decisions ensures nobody misses anything important

Stay on Track

Structured context, agendas, and due dates keep the key details at the center of every conversation

Build Knowledge

Self-documenting outcomes mean the results of your discussions are easy to find and reference

Reduce Burnout

Written collaboration means fewer meetings, more inclusion, flexible workdays, and less stress

How does AsyncGo work?

  1. Create a topic from wherever the conversation started: Slack, a document, issue, meeting invite, article, or anywhere else.
  2. Set the context by including the details, agenda, and even pre-format the structure of the outcome you want to work towards.
  3. Have the discussion using a thoughtful, asynchronous approach that welcomes people with different schedules as well as those who aren't normally comfortable speaking up in meetings.
  4. Publish your results, ensuring nobody misses out on the outcome. No more silos, having to invite everyone to every meeting, or sending status updates to everyone.
"AsyncGo makes it easier to collaborate without having to always meet on video or be interrupted by yet another chat message."
"Documenting outcomes make it easy to find or share the results of even complex discussions, without having to read through long comment threads to understand them."
“Having the context written down really does make meetings unnecessary, and brings flexibility and focus to your work day."

Are you getting your money's worth in meetings?

  • If yours are similar to the ones here, each of them is costing you $120.19
  • With just five of them happening in a day that's $600.96
  • Each week that represents $3,004.81 of people's time
  • Every month that accounts for $12,019.23 of productivity
  • In a year? You're looking at $144,230.77 worth of time spent in meetings