Better, more collaborative decisions

AsyncGo powers decision making for remote teams through structured conversations and an easy to use index of topics.

Create a topic from wherever the conversation started using our optional browser extension.

Set the context with details, agenda, and even pre-format the structure of the outcome.

Have a discussion using a thoughtful, structured approach that works well across time zones.

Publish your results, ensuring nobody misses the outcome; no status update meetings needed.

AsyncGo vs. Chat

  • Not built around constant interruptions
  • Conversations are not fragmented across channels
  • Easy to create a topic from a chat message (or anywhere)

AsyncGo vs. Documents/Issues

  • Consistent structure for discussions and outcomes
  • Better discussions compared to embedded comment threads
  • Centralized index of ongoing or completed topics
"AsyncGo makes it easier to collaborate without having to always meet on video or be interrupted by yet another chat message."
"Documenting outcomes make it easy to find or share the results of even complex discussions, without having to read through long comment threads to understand them."
“Having the context written down really does make meetings unnecessary, and brings flexibility and focus to your work day."