AsyncGo 1.0 has been released

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February 21, 2021 by Jason Yavorska, photo by Raj Rana

We’ve officially launched AsyncGo, which marks the beginning of early access (sign up, or watch a video overview and demo). AsyncGo is a collaboration tool that helps your team communicate flexibly and without the interruptions caused by meetings and chat. If you aren’t familiar with the app at all, our home page has a lot of great info.

In this release we’ve focused on the baseline set of features listed below that add up to being a complete collaboration tool, but without perhaps all the bells and whistles you might eventually expect. That’s intentional, and that’s because we want to get real feedback from you on what you need next. We have a lot of ideas, but it will be better to hear from you what we can deliver next to help.

Thanks for taking a look, and can’t wait to hear from you!

AsyncGo basic functions

☑️ Basic application functionality

All the basics are now in place: you can create a team, add topics, set the agenda for each item, and have full discussions. When you're done with a topic you can set an outcome with the summary of what was decided. It is also possible to invite users; for the moment we're allowing unlimited invites per team, but be aware that all team members will see all the topics for your team.


AsyncGo due dates

🗓️ Due dates for topics

It's also possible now to set due dates for topics, which is an important mechanism for managing your own time efficiently and knowing which topics you want to engage with and when. By setting a due date, you're communicating to everyone when you need to make a decision by, and the items that are coming due next will automatically float to the top of the list for the whole team.


AsyncGo notifications

🔔 Notifications for activity / daily digest email

It's critical to know which topcis have changes so you know where to look. We now show a bell notification whenever there's a topic that has changes for you to look at, and we'll also summarize the available notifications in a list at the top of every page. You can also clear all your notifications at once from the notification list. Notifications are something we're being careful with because we intentionally don't want to be the kind of application that chases you down with interruptions. In order to balance this we're currently sending a daily digest notification over email, but only if you have any unread notifications. This feature in particular is one we'd love to hear your feedback on how to get right.


AsyncGo markdown parsing

✍️ Markdown for descriptions, outcomes, and comments

Use Markdown to create rich formatting in your messaging, in an easy to use way. This also includes a handy markdown toolbar to make formatting easy.


AsyncGo voting

👍 Emoji voting for topics and comments

In order to make voting easier, you can now apply emoji votes to comments and topics. Using votes in comments is a nice way to do voting, or to get confirmation from everyone that they are agreed on the outcome.


AsyncGo at mentions

💌 Add other users to a topic

We have added @ mentions that can be used to bring someone in to a topic you're working on. By mentioning someone in this way, they'll receive a notification that you added them and the topic will automatically be added to their watch list.


AsyncGo gravatar support

📷 Gravatar support

It's always nice to have a profile image thats people know who you are. You can now use your Gravatar at AsyncGo: simply setup your Gravatar profile with the email address you use here, and it will automatically appear next to your name in comments and topics.


🙂 Accessibility

One of the reasons remote work is amazing is because it allows all kinds of people, with all kinds of limitations or preferences to participate as full members of the team. In order to make sure everyone is able to use AsyncGo, we've worked on all our features from the beginning with accessibility in mind, and test every build against automated accessibility testing. Hopefully everything is working great, but given there are all kinds of different people with different challenges out there, we'd love to know if there's anything else we can do to improve.


🔑 Login using Google and GitHub Accounts

We've added the ability to use your GitHub or Google account to log in. More options are coming in the future, so if there's one you need just let us know and we'll look into adding it.


🤝 Submit support requests from the team admin page

To make it easier to get in touch we've added a support form to the team admin page. Feel free to reach out any time, not just for issues but to let us know what you think of AsyncGo.


Person working remotely

Are you interested in having fewer/better meetings, and collaborating with your team with more flexibility? We'd love to have you give AsyncGo a try.

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