AsyncGo 1.1 has been released

bird of the release

March 22, 2021 by Jason Yavorska, photo by Mark Olsen

Thanks for your interest in AsyncGo! It has been so wonderful working with all of you to talk about the challenges you’re having in remote work, and how we can help. The themes we’ve been hearing loud and clear are:

  • Zoom and Slack fatigue are real, and result in a lot of stress.
  • It’s very common to be unsure what good async collaboration looks and feels like.
  • Getting the word out on decisions, without having more meetings, is really hard.

Our future roadmap is all about addressing these even more, so stay tuned. In the meantime, this release was focused on some much needed user experience improvements that make everything a little nicer to work with. We can’t wait to hear your feedback on how these have helped.

In the meantime, if you aren’t already in early access, you can sign up here, or watch a video overview and demo here. AsyncGo is a collaboration tool that helps your team communicate flexibly and without the interruptions caused by meetings and chat. If you aren’t familiar with the app at all, our home page has a lot of great info, and our 1.0 blog post has the list of core features that are part of early access.

Thanks for taking a look!

Dark Mode

🕶️ Dark Mode

Working on a bright screen for a long time can be exhausting, so we've added a dark mode. It will follow your system preference automatically.


Expanded (Fluid) Page Content

🕵️ Expanded (Fluid) Page Content

You can now choose between the default page layout, which keeps everything nice and centered, or the fluid mode which shows expands the content to fill as much space as possible. If you like seeing everything on a single page, then you'll want to ty this out.


🚀 Performance Improvements

We have made quite a few improvements on the backend and frontend to make using the interface more snappy. You'll notice that changes load more quickly without the full page refreshing now.

📨 Daily digests are on by default

Notifications remains something we're being very careful with. We want everyone to be in the loop with what's going on, but without creating the expectation that you're connected 24/7 (or else you lose one of the key benefits of async collaboration). That said, given our early feedback we've turned on the daily digest summary email by default. Without it it was hard to see if anything was happening in AsyncGo at all, which was not the goal.


🔥 Various UX improvements

For the 1.1 release we focused quite a lot on small polish items that make the experience a little cleaner, and a little easier to use. You'll see these all around the application, with buttons in more natural places, resized text entry boxes, changes to the way features like pagination work, and more.

Person working remotely

Are you interested in having fewer/better meetings, and collaborating with your team with more flexibility? We'd love to have you give AsyncGo a try.

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