April Product Update

bird of the update

April 20, 2021 by Jason Yavorska, photo by Tom Bradley

Another month is in the books, and we couldn’t be more thankful for all the feedback we’ve heard from all of you.. your ideas are what made all of these updates great. It’s starting to feel like we’ve hit that magic moment where feedback leads to new features, and the new features bring in more users with great feedback.

Aside from checking out all the highlights of new features we shipped over the last month below, you might also be interested in our public roadmap or our company values, both of which are newly published this month.

If AsyncGo looks interesting to you, you can sign up for free, or check out our product page and documentation for general info and pricing. We also have a new introduction video up if you’d like to see it in action.

Labels for topics

🏷️ Create and filter topics by labels

Labels can now be applied to topics. It's also possible to filter labels to just the ones you want to see from the topic index page.


Topic pinning

📌 Pin topics to the top of the list

Important topics, in either the active or resolved lists, can now be pinned for reference. Pinned topics will always stay at the top of the list, and can be used for frequently referenced or re-asked topics.


Show all participants

👩 See all participants in a topic

All participants in a topic are now listed in the index and topic page, rather than only showing the creator. The creator is still listed first so you can tell who opened the topic, but this change makes it easier to see who is involved in a particular discussion at a glance.


Team message

📨 Set a team message

You can now set a team message (from the team admin page) which will be shown to everyone next to the topic list. This can be used to get the word out to the team on different important things like priorities, team availability, holidays, or other important messages.


🔑 Login with your Microsoft account

You can now log in to AsyncGo using your personal or work Microsoft account. As with all of our logins, the account ID is based on the email address associated with the account. If you have multiple accounts with the same email address, you can log in using any of the authorization providers.


🔑 Login with your Slack account

It's now possible to configure the AsyncGo app in Slack, allowing for your team to log in using their Slack accounts. This gives more options in addition to the existing Google and GitHub options.


💬 Choose comment order

It's now possible to choose from the user profile settings page if you want comments to be shown on a topic from oldest to newest, or newest to oldest.


⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts

The main topic page and topic page itself now have several keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to use the app without having to use the mouse. Check the documentation link for the complete list.


🗺️ Welcome tour

The top of most pages now has a question mark button which will walk you through the elements of the page, giving async tips and helping you learn how to use AsyncGo.

🔔 Notifications are cleared when visiting a topic

Previously notifications had to be cleared manually, but now when visiting a topic it will automatically clear them out for you. Let us know if you preferred doing it manually and we can add a setting to make this configurable.

✨ Small UX improvements

We've made a lot of small UX improvements all over the app, including enhancements to the way the page looks on mobile, icons and hover text for buttons, links within user content now open in a new tab, topics now show the last updated time, notifications for when topics are resolved and reopened, leaving a team on your own, and more.

Person working remotely

Are you interested in having fewer/better meetings, and collaborating with your team with more flexibility? We'd love to have you give AsyncGo a try.

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