May Product Update

bird of the update

May 15, 2021 by Jason Yavorska, photo by Vincent van Zalinge

Hey everyone, it’s mid-May and so time to share my monthly update on what’s new with AsyncGo. As always, the complete list of what’s included is below, but in this release I’m really excited about quote replies, making it easier to have conversations in issues, and a huge number of UX improvements. Comments are no longer paginated, you can hover to see who voted on comments/topics, the number of unread messages is listed per-topic, and more. All of these will make it easier and more friendly to get started with AsyncGo.

As far as what’s coming next, there are a couple big things we’re working on. First is a visual editor for comments, topic descriptions, and topic outcomes. This will make ti easier for everyone to create clear content, including making it easier to create tables. Second, and one I’m really excited about, is a browser plugin that will make it easy to create a topic from anywhere. We are also building the extension as open source, so you can follow along the progress on our GitHub project page or just wait for them to appear in your browser’s extension marketplace.

If AsyncGo looks interesting to you, you can sign up for free, or check out our product page and documentation for general info and pricing.

🌱 What's New button

The bar at the top of each page now includes a seedling icon that will take you to the latest blog post with new features. For a few days after a new post is published the icon will be green so it stands out a bit.

✍️ Edit resolved issues

You can now edit resolved issues, which was previously locked out. It's still a good idea to let resolved topics stay unchanged and open a new topic if you want to start a new discussion, but sometimes you need to record an update or change a label after the topic is closed and this makes that easier to do.

🧾 More billing controls

We've added more controls to manage your billing, making it easier to both set up or change your subscription to AsyncGo.


Quote replies

💬 Quote replies

You can now click the quote button on any comment in a topic and we will pre-fill the new comment button with the quoted text. This will make it much easier to have coherent conversations when the topics stick around for longer and the discussion gets more complex.

⭐ UX Improvements

As always there are a lot of UX improvements in this release. Comments are no longer paginated, so you can always see everything on the topic page. We have also made it so you can see who upvoted by hovering over the emoji character, and also show the number of unread messages on a per-topic basis. You'll also notice various layout and color improvements throughout the app.

Person working remotely

Are you interested in having fewer/better meetings, and collaborating with your team with more flexibility? We'd love to have you give AsyncGo a try.

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