AsyncGo uses GFM markdown for rich content, and supports all tags listed in their documentation. There are a few common keywords used to support discussions which are highlighted here.

There are documentation sections for Basics, Roadmap, Topics, Teams, User Settings, Integrations, Templates, and Markdown.

On this page you can find:


It’s very helpful to use checklists to define the set of things you’re going to discuss, and then you can mark them off as you go. Checklists are entered as follows:

- [ ] An unchecked checkbox
- [x] A checked checkbox

Bullet Lists

You can create bulleted lists using the following format:

- Unordered item 1
- Unordered item 2

1. Item 1
2. Item 2

Sub-bullets are also possible, in that case you should use two or four spaces to indicate the next level of indent. You can also mix and match bullet types in this way.

- Unordered item 1
- Unordered item 2
  1. Sub-item 1
  2. Sub-item 2
- Unordered item 3
  - Sub-item 1
    - Sub-sub item 1
    - Sub-sub item 2
  - Sub-item 2

Links can be added as follows:

[Link description](


Images are added similarly:

![foo](/url "")


Adding videos is done by adding images with links. Since it’s not possible to embed the video directly, you show the video thumbnail instead as an image and then link to the video. With YouTube for example you would replace VIDEO_ID below with the actual video ID: