AsyncGo Employee Handbook

This is the public handbook for employees of AsyncGo. We make it public to share how we think about the product and give our users some insight into how we work.

If you’re looking for how to use AsyncGo, you can find it in our product documentation, or you can find general product info on our home page.


Our mission is to help the world balance work and life better.

Work doesn’t have to be something you put in a box, commute to, and shift in and out of “work mode”. It can be something that you let flow throughout your day, at your own schedule, and that you are able to flex around your personal life. We know that this can all be done without sacrificing your goals or productivity, because we’ve seen it work.


Our values inform how we make day to day decisions around everything we do. They form the C.R.E.E.D. that we use to express how we feel a company that wants to truly make work better for people should behave, not just to set an example but to deliver the change we want to see.

Sub-values, which are important keywords that are part of that value, are bolded in the text.

💻 Collaboration

Communicating with clarity and simplicity is important. Vague ideas, or having the team be unaware of how the work they do fits in, results in vague outcomes. By having strong fundamentals around communication, it enables collaboration; we are able to do more through working together than we can in silos.

📈 Results

It’s important to achieve results because, no matter how good our intentions are, if we don’t deliver things that work and solve problems then we didn’t achieve our ambitious goal. That’s why we hold each other accountable to the results we try to deliver.

❤️ Empathy

We empathize with each other and with our customers, and lead with our hearts and try to do good in the world. We build working relationships based on understanding each other, and we build features based on understanding our customers. The classic Be Good essay from Paul Graham is a great resource here.

🚀 Efficiency

It’s important to be efficient and resourceful in how we work. We don’t have unlimited resources, and are trying to do the best we can with the capabilities and assets we have. A big way we do this is by focusing on always moving forward, making practical, efficient steps towards our next goal.

🔗 Diversity

It’s important that people with different backgrounds, points of view, opinions, and ideas are able to share them and be heard. Including many points of view in how we make decisions helps us find the best, most creative solutions. When we were first building the product we talked to as many people as we could from as many different contexts as possible, and every time we had a conversation like this we learned something new that made the product better.